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De Darky rom a Alliance rom- [ROM][CWM] AllianceROM I9100 ICS XWLPD-Base mayo 24, 2012

El grupo a roto migas y han sacado la nueva version sobre ics de la Alliance (antigua Darkyrom) ya totalmente como Alliance.

[ROM][CWM] AllianceROM I9100 ICS XWLPD-Base



Hey guys and girls :)

Here is the first release under our new name :

Team Alliance presents the first AllianceROM ICS Base ROM !!

More to come ;)

XWLPD Base 4.0.3.

  • Based on latest stable XWLPD firmware
  • Deodexed
  • Prerooted
  • Zip aligned
  • Busybox installation on boot
  • added superuser./Launcher2.apk ( NovaLauncher )
  • missing apps can be installed with the AllianceOTA apps install system app function.
  • Ficeto’s SuperCore ICS Kernel
  • OpenVPN
  • SU binary
  • Symlinked
  • etc/init.d s80 screenfix implemented ( increase touch response )
  • etc/init.d s04 MTP killer applied ( always straight mass storage acces )
  • stock theme
  • EFS backup to /sdcard/Alliance/efs/
  • AllianceOTA app added
  • SuperUser.apk added
  • multi apn config
  • samsung go added ( what ever the hell it is :D )





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