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ROM Resurrection Remix ics v1.8.1[4.0.4] mayo 5, 2012

[Rom](M5)[Pitch Black][AOKP-B35][04/05]Resurrection Remix ics v1.8.1[4.0.4]

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De la pagina oficial:     (debajo de esto, mi paso a paso)

About Resurrection Remix ics 4.0.4 AOKP Edition
AOKP version of Resurrection Remix is based on AOKP, CM9 and original Remix ROM also includes the most recent
version of Siyah Kernel, this create an awesome combination of performance, customization, power
and the most new features brought directly to your SGS2!Many things that in previous versions was tweaked with mods, now are included by default in the ROM. please

Special thanks to the AOKP team, the CM9 team,task650, Gokhanmoral and of course to all the supporters






Resurrection Remix ICS PRO AOKP Black Edition for Galaxy S2

big thanks to zedomax


v1.8.1 changelog

  • bootloop during installation problem fixed
  • fileexplorer theme fixed

v1.8 changelog

  • based on BUİLD35 M5
  • WİFİ issues fixed (patched)
  • framework patched (res) renewed (thanks to task650 its his framework)
  • long press back button (kill app fixed)
  • BIOS Style bootanimation (Made by Vreestyle)
  • cm9 kernel improvement
  • deepsleep improvement
  • file explorer updated (allows you to acces and modify system files) black themed
  • samsung app store added
  • rom totally black themed
  • gps lock improvement
  • modded camera (thanks to task650 and D4rKn3sSyS for external sd patch )
  • fastest bluetooth data transfer
  • fastest data connection
  • rom control fixed
  • calculator app fixed
  • and many more …

v1.7 changelog

  • based on BUİLD34 AOKP
    • market fixed
    • all reported v1.6 issues fixed
    • rom resized
    • cm9 kernel updated
    • battery stats fixed (better battery life)
    • build prop fixed
    • gps patched super fast
    • apps black themed (updated)
    • gapps updated (including in rom)
    • framework-res apk modded and (drawable-hdpi) holo themed
    • file explorer added (modded)
    • media format swiched 3gp To Mp4 patched (made by gabowinter)
    • gpu issues fixed for gamers
    • quick wake up from lockscreen
    • deep sleep now works great
    • simple installation (for noobs)
    • and many more ….

v1.5 changelog

  • based on cm9 and task650’s aokp
  • galaxy s 2 settings updated
  • google car home app added
  • gps improvement
  • superuser app updated
  • Modded Camera.apk (You can now choose to save to External SD and power button shutter) thanks to task650
  • battery performans feels better with default kernel
  • performans updated
  • deepsleep works great
  • soft keys backlight fixed
  • mtp activated with default kernel

(Build 33)Bug Fixes – Bluetooth: Fixed memory leak and file handles leak – Nav bar & tablet status bar FCs fixed – Fixed some init.d scripts not running due to lack of bash – Changing brightness by sliding on the top of the statusbar (if enabled) shouldn’t FC anymore – Fixed Data toggle not updating properly – Torch should be acting normally again – ROM Control: Fixed scrolling cache not setting properly – Weather will refresh whenever SystemUI starts instead of when the phone boots (so if it gets restarted, it should fetch weather again, it didn’t before) – Settings: fixed link mute states always being checked New Features – Added another ROM Control shortcut that opens ROM Control – Added ability to translate weather conditions (only German is translated for now I think) – Mms: added ability to strip unicode (CM) – Mms: added emoji icons (CM) – Mms: added quick emoji button to left of input (option you must enable) – Added warnings to fast charge (will notify you if it’s enabled on boot) – Hide navbar feature for tablets – More music players supported for AVRCP 1.3 v1.4 changelog

  • kernel updated mtp works(thanks to koud)
  • AOKP build32 official changelog
  • better performans and battery
  • file manager updated
  • framework updated
  • media files updated
  • camera updated pinch to zoom (thanks to cm9)
  • gps wifi improvement
  • phone and sms app updated
  • best AOKP experience
  • enjoy…
Guys, the steps for the installation are ( NO-WİPE )
  1. Install the Main ROM
  2. wipe cache & dalvik
  3. Reboot

if you coming from other rom or having problem after installation pls do wipe data & factory reset

FAQ Please read before post


Resurrection Remix ics PitchBlack V1.8.1

(05/05 updated) PitchBlack Theme +polaris

(05/05 updated) Default Theme+polaris

CM9 Kernel

All Links by gabowinter

All Links by Dr.MacHack


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Thanks to:

  • XDA developers
  • lidroid
  • task650
  • cm9 team
  • kang team
  • zedomax (for videos)
  • gabowinter (for support)



Como lo hago yo paso a paso:


Hoy toca probar la Resurrection Remix ics v1.8.1[4.0.4]

Para descargar los archivos visita las paginas que muestro aqui abajo (y asi te obligo a enterarte un poquito mas del tema)

Para ello he leido y recopilado la informacion y archivos de las siguientes paginas: (cuidado este es para la version anterior 1.6 pero tambien vale)

El orden logico que he seguido es el siguiente:

LPH de tres archivos y pit con odin, cfroot del lph con odin, lp7 con odin, cfroot lp7 con odin, instalacion de mobile odin y copia del resto de archivos a la sd interna, Instalacion del LP9 (cambiando el kernel por el phenomenal medium) por mobile odin, cfroot lp9 con mobile odin, Instalacion del remix 1.6 desde el recovery, instalacion del build de 1.6 desde el recovery, instalacion de remix 1.8 desde el recovery instalacion del boot que me ha gustado y de los añadidos que he querido desde el recovery. Wipe data/factory reset.

En marcha.

Y este es el paso a paso:

1.Hago todos los wipes y formats. Reboot y mientras reinicia modo descarga2

2.Instalo LPH de tres archivos mas el pit con Odin

3.Salto todos los pasos de configuracion y lo pongo en modo downoad

4.Instalo la actualizacion LP7 desde odin, Salto todos los pasos de configuracion y lo pongo en modo downoad

5.Instalo el cfroot de la LP7 desde Odin y paso la configuracion rapidamente

6.Copio en la sd: (Las carpetas enteras) Mobile Odin, actualizacion LP9+kernel , rom remix y todos los archivos suplementarios que pienso instalar despues.

7.Instalo Odin mobile y el addon que lleva

8.Abro mobile odin acepto los permisos de root y pincho en “Open file..” selecciono la rom LP9.tar, pincho en la opcion “kernel” y selecciono un kernel de los que he metido a parte “Phenomenal medium”, compruebo que esten marcadas las opciones enable everoot, inject mobile odin y inject superuser; pincho en flash firmware: continue, continue, continue y skipe.

[Se reinicia y comienza a instalar la rom, sale un muñequito azul, paciencia
Cuando termina se reinicia en recovery con un error de no se que, ni caso, darle a reiniciar]

9. Instalo con odin mobile el cfroot de la lp9

10. Instalo la rom remix 1.6 y despues los addons desde el recovery, istall zip from sdcard/ chose zip from sd card..
Instalo la version 1.6 y sin salir del recovery el build 1.6 y hago wipe data/factory reset. Paciencia tarda en iniciar.

11. Reinicio paso las configuraciones y reinicio en modo recovery para instalar igual que antes la version 1.8 y los añadidos que quieras instalar, wipe data/factory reset.




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